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Financial tools where you set the rules (literally)

Standardized Platform

Quuve standardizes the institutional-level investment management platform, empowering investors of all sizes and backgrounds with today's most advanced tools within a fully extensible ecosystem.

Integrated Tools

Manage investments more efficiently with seamlessly-integrated tools, including A/I-driven robo-investing, neural networks, backtesting, screening, company reports, portfolio management, and more.

Boundless Extensibility

One can subscribe to tools a la carte, import data, define rules, & build proprietary plugins related to custom data, reports, & more. Such plugins can even be made available to other Quuve users by way of subscription.

Technology Stack

Rapidly prototype and integrate new features on a highly productive and dynamic object-oriented GemStone/Smalltalk development environment similar to those deployed by JPMorgan, UBS, and ICE.

Productive Collaboration

Multi-user institutions can control their site via powerful sys-admin and site-admin tools. Teams can collaborate via a shared-siteDB, and employ analyst configurations for an additional layer of behavioral inheritance.


Take advantage of a multi-tiered database hierarchy by authoring code that tailors Quuve around your unique needs. Inherit and/or override pre-defined data, metrics, and views, or script your own from scratch.


Meet the team

Cameron Sanders

Cameron Sanders

CTO, Co-Founder
Keith Gill, CFA

Keith Gill, CFA

CEO, Co-Founder
Mariano Peck, PhD

Mariano Peck, PhD

Software Engineer