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Customization & Collaboration

Complete customizability

Tailor an investment research platform to your analytical needs by crafting your own metrics, tables, and charts and consolidating them into a single report

Decorate your tools

Decorate your tables and charts with conditional color formats, mathematical and statistical operations, and alternative data frequencies

Collaborative analysis

Quuve Teams encourages collaboration among analysts by allowing research teams to share their proprietary metrics, decorated tables, and stylized reports

Highlight Reel

Financial tools where you set the rules

  • Override pre-defined data and metrics or create your own
  • Tailor tables and charts to your preferred layouts and styles
  • Apply decorators such as conditional formatting throughout reports
  • Strengthen your research notes with supportive tables and charts
  • Streamline your analysis by synthesizing one convenient, precisely-tailored report
  • Export your reports to clean PDFs - individually or in bulk
  • Share your custom-built solutions with your fellow analysts via Quuve Teams
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  • Build, save, and reuse your favorite types of charts: area, area range, candlestick, column, line, OHLC, and spline

Meet the team

Cameron Sanders

Cameron Sanders

CTO, Co-Founder
Keith Gill, CFA

Keith Gill, CFA

CEO, Co-Founder
Mariano Peck, PhD

Mariano Peck, PhD

Software Engineer