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Financial tools where you set the rules (literally)

Seamless Integration

Manage investments more efficiently with fully integrated rules, company reports, screening, backtesting, portfolio analytics, and A/I-driven robo-trading built for portfolio managers, not day-traders

Productive Collaboration

Quuve’s multi-layered database hierarchy allows research teams to share custom data, metrics and reports via a siteDB. Differing levels of DB priority also permit user overrides

Boundless Customization

Tailor research and portfolio management tools to your analytical needs by crafting and decorating your own metrics, 3D charts, company reports, portfolio views, artificial neural nets, and much more

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It’s 2017. Be better than Excel.

  • Efficiently research companies, screen, backtest, and manage portfolios in a seamlessly integrated platform
  • Connect Quuve to fundamental and pricing data from any data vendor, and import your own data
  • Override pre-defined data, metrics, & views, or craft your own rules from scratch
  • Research teams can dynamically collaborate by sharing their user-defined items to a siteDB
  • Build & decorate custom tables, charts, and notes and lay them out in a single comprehensive, stylish report
  • Export your slick, decorated reports to clean PDFs – individually or in bulk for redistribution
  • Construct and train predictive proprietary artificial neural networks to robo-trade your portfolio

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Meet the team

Cameron Sanders

Cameron Sanders

CTO, Co-Founder
Keith Gill, CFA

Keith Gill, CFA

CEO, Co-Founder
Mariano Peck, PhD

Mariano Peck, PhD

Software Engineer